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Forget all the aggravation you’ve had with online dating. We’ve solved all the problems with Jewish Matchmaker2Matchmaker, the safest, most effective dating site on the planet.

No predators, no players, no scammers. Online dating the way it should be.

We’re building M2M right now, and we want every one of you to find your intended when the site is activated.

The M2M directory will contain only Jewish singles, from around the world, all serious about finding their intended.

You must be Jewish. Any age, 18 and above.

There are restrictions: You must be Jewish. Any age, 18 and above.

And you’re going to need a matchmaker. Yes, a matchmaker. But not like in the old days. This matchmaker is someone YOU pick. Someone you TRUST. Someone who CARES deeply about you. Could be a best friend, a sibling, parent, favorite aunt or teacher.

Your matchmaker’s job is asking the other matchmaker the hard questions you want answered. Doing DUE DILIGENCE! And then your matchmaker is going to bring these answers back to you. So you’ll know if there is a fit with this one. BEFORE YOU CHAT.

Plus, we’re building in every technological safety feature available to keep you safe from every kind of abuse.

When the site is activated, you can register for a FREE 14-day trial subscription. And we’ll extend your free subscription for an additional 14 days for everyone you also get to subscribe. That’s 28 free days for you and 14 free days for who you invite. And so on, for everyone you get to subscribe, another free 14 days.

Subscriptions will be $24.95 per month, but there will be significant savings for longer terms.

In the meantime, please pre-register. It’s FREE and there is NO OBLIGATION. When you pre-register, we’ll be able to notify you the minute we open. We can’t notify you if you don’t pre-register. So let us know you’re interested and click the ‘FREE Pre-Registration’ button above.

The MOMENT is almost here!

Matchmaker2Matchmaker is safe, and it works.